Kundalini Bodywork | Further Education

After completing the foundational training
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Therapists of Energetic Bodywork

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Kundalini Bodywork

Advanced Training | Level 1 Remote

STEP 1. Work through the online level 1 learning content at your own pace.

STEP 2. Find other students on www.kbw.community then plan a week away together on our next virtual training dates to deepen your journey and practice or to become a therapist.


Prerequisite: Submit final learning review from www. kundalinibodywork.online

Kundalini Bodywork Training

Advanced Training | Level 2

STEP 1. Work through the online level 2 learning content at your own pace.

STEP 2. Connect with other level 1 students and refine your Kundalini Bodywork skills while learning advanced techniques and practices in a smaller group of local students during a virtual training week where your small training group connects with many others online.

Prerequisite: Advanced Level 1

Kundalini Bodywork Training

Four Levels of Shadow Work | Self Study

Dive into deep discovery of the self while exploring the different levels of shadow work. 

Prerequisite: Submit final learning review from www. kundalinibodywork.online 

Kundalini Bodywork Training

Non-Dual Therapy & the Polarity Framework | Learning Journey with group calls

Become a better friend and therapist to others and yourself by learning non-dual therapy. Specifically relate it to body de-armouring and the energetic practices of Kundalini Bodywork to be a holistic therapist.

Prerequisite: Submit final learning review from www. kundalinibodywork.online


International Advanced Trainings

Join us in a beautiful wellness destination and spend the week learning to heal yourself while supporting others to do the same, making new friends and developing the skills needed to become a Kundalini Bodywork Therapist.


Where Would You Like To Start?

Coaching & Mentor Program

For students that want to move into this work professionally AND for those looking to share their personal development journey with the KBW community. 

Practitioner Directory

Search our directory to connect with different Kundalini Bodywork Practitioners all around the world.

KBW Community

Be apart of our growing community to find other students and practitioners to share your experience and journey. 

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The Inner Marriage | A Guide to Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work

Through polarity work, we can balance, evolve, and integrate the masculine and feminine within our personality, creating an inner marriage that in turn supports the release and transformation of trauma on the cellular, emotional, and soul levels.

The Inner Marriage